Prefects are 5th years given special power over students.

Each house has a male and a female prefect.

Known PrefectsEdit

Percy Weasley,Ron Weasley,Hermione Granger,Remus Lupin,Bill Weasley,Charlie Weasley?

Abilities and ResponsibilitiesEdit

Laying down the law:Prefects are allowed to take points away from other students in their own house as a penalty for rule-breaking, but they are not allowed to take points from other prefects or students in other houses.

Tireless enforcer:Prefects patrol the corridors to make sure no one is out of bed at night.

Guidance:Prefects lead the first year of their own house to the starting feast and to the common room.

Soaking up:Prefects are allowed to use the prefects bathroom.

Prefects Bath