Wayne Denshaw, Vampire Hunter

Born Dmitriy Ivanov (born c. 1979) he was a Bulgarian half-blood wizard raised outside the captial city Sofia. He attended the Durmstrang Institute attaining the position equivalent to a Prefect his forth year and then Head Boy his fifth. Not much is know during his time spent at the Institute. For unknown events or circumstances he dropped out his last year. Later re appearing as Wayne Denshaw, vampire hunter.

Personality and traitsEdit

Dmitriy was a great wizard in his day and the most effective vampire hunter of his time. He was tough, brave and a survivor. Having encountered hundreds of vampires throughout his career he was paranoid taking to cooking his own food and eating alone. Denshaw had a well-known habit of being set off by sudden noises or movements in his presence. While under the employee of the Ministry of Magic he was seen as surely and moody, going to extreme measures to eliminate vampires even killing non-vampire if it meant he could flush the nest out. When sat down with reporters he commented "even if one is kind to you, and even if you are kind to them that doesn't change what they are. They are hunters, predators and they will turn on you the moment they feel it suits them most."

In 2017 he was attached to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While there he was sarcastic and cold.

Magical abilities and skillsEdit

Magic is the only defense we have against the damned. - Wayne Denshaw

Wayne power

Wayne removing a nest of feral vampires




Like any wizard Wayne once possessed a wand with it he performed and executed spells. But the wand was later lost and he transitioned too using a staff capable of using magical capabilities when he became a vampire hunter.

Staff WeaponEdit

An ancient weapon created during the Dark Ages for a singluar purpose; to hunt down and destroy vampires. The staff is described as "thin", "heavy" and a "solid piece of oak". It is partly hollow at the top, housing a 21 in blade dipped in garlic. The tip of the staff (sword pommel) is elegant in design giving off the appearance of flower petals cradling a dragon's egg. Six runes run down the length of the staff giving off a scarlet light whenever the staffs powers are invoked.


Wayne can enchant charms or pendants to ward off weak vampires, limiting them to specific areas.

Wooden StakesEdit

Armed with wooden stakes, Wayne is capable of paralyzing a vampire should he pierce it's heart with it.


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